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Deals of the fortnight -3


Hoping that the previous ‘Deals of the Fortnight’ posts have done some good in terms of planning a few economical yet fantastic getaways for you, here’s some deals that I think would really help you plan a few more.

So, plan away…

1) Singapore being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it’s probably often happened that you’ve flown over the country only wishing that you could stop by . The opportunity of a ‘Singapore Stopover Holiday’ from Singapore Air makes it possible not just in terms of logistics but also in terms of monetary feasibility

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.51.48 PM

2) For a quick weekend getaway, make sure you still avail the 50% summer sale on Expedia for hotels in Toronto, Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver & Montreal

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.50.07 PM

3) It seems like only yesterday when we welcomed 2014. But now that we’re already in the 2nd half of the year, some places like Sydney, Las Vegas, New York, etc have already started accepting hotels & events reservations for New Year 2015.. Bookings made now will not only ensure economical rates but will also save you from the much dodge-worthy last moment rush.




Africa – the land of wildlife safari and so much more

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” – said Isak Dinesen


It is an absolute honor and privilege to introduce Wolfgang Kaehler – one of the world’s best photographers in my opinion, who has travelled to over 200 countries since 1977 and has a collection of more than 500,000 photographs.



Just back from his trip to Africa, Wolfgang has been kind enough to share some breathtaking wildlife photographs and a brief account of his travel that almost makes you feel like you’re there already.

Enjoy reading:

I just returned from a trip to Southern Africa, visiting South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. I have traveled to this part of the world more than a dozen times and every time I say: This is my last trip! However, I lead photo tours and having traveled all over the globe, many people ask me to put custom trips for them together. This trip was not different: a couple who is traveling with me since 1992 and is getting older, asked me to put another trip together to Botswana (they have traveled with me to Botswana 5 times before) in order to see Rhinoceros and African wild dogs.

After a few months of research I sent them the camps I had selected and we finalized this adventure. I selected Sabi Sands Game Reserve for the Rhinos. We spent 3 days in this private concession and had great rhino sightings, as well as some African wild dogs. One day a big rhino male was lying on the gravel road, sleeping and blocking the way. So, we had to divert. It was nice to see a rhino female with a 6 months old calf.

Rhino1 Rhino



In Botswana we visited 3 different camps, all in a different eco-system. In the Savuti area we found a group of African wild dogs and followed them on a hunt. They run into a group of zebras, which are usually not on the wild dog menu. The zebras were alert and kept in eye on the wild dogs. When the dogs came close, the zebras charged them. It was interesting to watch the interaction.




On the first evening we spotted three beautiful male lions. They were brothers and being still young, they were establishing their territory. The next day we found the lions feeding on an elephant baby which probably died on natural causes.

Lion Lion1



In the Vumbura area we enjoyed watching a female leopard which had a Cape buffalo baby kill. Hyenas were trying to steal the carcass and the next day we saw a hyena running with part of the buffalo. Another sad story: we saw a group of Sable antelope, an endangered species, which was hunted in the past for its beautiful horns. The male was stunning and impressive. The next morning we saw them all spread out and got to 4 lionesses feeding on this big male. That’s how nature goes, the lions don’t know about endangered animals and they have to eat.

Deer leopard1 Deer1


SABLE ANTELOPE      CHEETAH                                                              LEOPARD 


Going on to Zambia a visit to the famous Victoria Falls is a must. Depending on the flow of water, sometimes all you see is the spray these falls create. These falls are almost twice as high as Niagara Falls in North America. They share the border with Zimbabwe and Zambia. For me it is always interesting to visit these falls and try to capture the rainbows above the falls.









I took a group for the first time to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia – and I can’t wait to go back. The camp was small (only for 14 people) and the staff was very personal paying attention to everyone’s needs. The wildlife we saw included leopards, wild dogs, hippos, Puku antelopes, Crawshay’s zebras, Thornicroft’s Giraffes, Cape buffaloes, Yellow baboons and many species of birds, including the seldom seen Peels fishing owl at night, sitting on the bank of a river.

Monkeys Owl




For more photos please visit For photo tour information please contact Wolfgang at or visit


To the land of Cachaça and Caipirinha – Brazil

The FIFA World Cup 2014 was spectacular. A fireball of emotions and some phenomenal performances.

At this point it would only be unfair if I had nothing to write about Brazil, the country which gave us all the drama & action and is gearing up to host the Olympics 2016 as well.

Historic center 2

My friend Ali just came back from his trip there. While he couldn’t stop raving about watching the matches and his favorite players live in action, he was thoroughly mesmerized by how bright, beautiful and alive Brazil is.

 After a nice long chat with him, here goes a quick look at some of the must-do things if you’re in Brazil for a week or less.


 Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo Fanfest - opening match

i)     Villa Madalena : Street famous for its bars, restaurants, galleries & shops. The colourful area is always bustling with crowds of diverse young people

villa madelena 1

i)     Reservoir of Guarapiranga: The scenic reservoir in the southern part of the city that highlights the country’s natural beauty

ii)    Pedra Grande: Acres of lush green, trails and a spectacular view of the skyline of Sao Paulo Business District


Salvador 3

i)     Historic Center: European style streets, colorful buildings and proximity to the beautiful Harbor area

Historic center 1

ii)     The Chapada Diamatina National Park for a breathtaking landscape and intriguing underground caves

Salvador 2

iii)     Local art: The city offers amazing local paintings, sculptures and musical instruments

Rio Di Janerio:

i)     Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) for the most phenomenal view of Rio and a closer look at the World’s second tallest statue of Christ (first being in Poland)

view of rio from christ the redeemer

ii)    Favelas: The uniquely structured slums of Brazil where houses are brightly colored and sans addresses

iii)  Beaches: Ipanema & Copacabana (for some touristy beach fun)

Ipenama beach

iv)  Barra da Tijuca beach for Skydiving companies and other adventure options

v)    Sugar Loaf mountain for the spectacular view and the cable-car ride

View from Sugar loaf 3

Local Cuisine:

Brazil’s local cuisine is dominated by barbeques, sea food and spices. To enjoy the full experience, try the delicacies at restaurants (or preferably food stalls) at the beach.

 Caipirinha: the Brazilian national cocktail made with cachaca

Pimenta sauce: A special hot sauce

Acai: a South American berry used for juices and milk shakes

Coxinhas: scrumptious chicken and cheese (called “catupiry”)

Galeto: barbequed chicken

Local sea food

Stay fashionably warm on your vacation

I remember as a child, summer vacation always meant travelling to the hills or someplace cooler. When it’s like a 100 degrees outside, any break can be best used up by frisking off to someplace where the mercury is perpetually down. So, while I know that a lot of travel buffs are migrating to colder places (even if it is for a week or 2 ), I thought I must dish out some fashion tips that’ll keep you trendy and make you feel good when you look at the photographs even long after you’re back.


A fairly high percentage of women around the world believe, spring is the time to gussy up, strut in heels & flaunt fancy hats. True that the weather is an enabler for flouncy skirts, flirtatious tops & frivolous dresses. But a true connoisseur of fashion would always corroborate that winter is when you can be truly fashionable.

Having travelled around the world, I’d have to say that I’ve seen some of the best fashion thriving in Europe, primarily UK and maybe the Scandinavian countries, where the winters are vicious and summer’s only short-lived. At this juncture not mentioning the other fashionable European counterparts viz Champs Elysees:Paris, Via Montenapoleone: Milan, Zeil: Frankfurt – would be what they call a fashion faux paus.

Think of the high-heeled long leather boots, the Russian fur hats and maybe a leopard print trench coat. Not your style? How about a faux-fur trimmed hooded jacket in red with a skinny pair jeans and booties? That’s the thing I love about winters. It definitely tests your knack for getting the right style.

Talking about style, my personal would be a combination of chic and comfort without being boring.


However, let’s not discount those times when we want to doll up. It’s always a kick to try something bold that would be a downright head-turner…something perfect for a night out.


Courtesy: Vogue Magazine

And, if you’re looking for something more dramatic and red-carpet, nothing spells rich and stylish more than fur.

Untitled 2

Courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Last autumn saw the dawn of Androgyny.  Fashionable and easy to put together, this trend does not look like it’ll be a passé anytime in the near future.  The supermodels are surely rocking the look in tuxedos and slim ties. But trust me on this…one definitely need not be a fashionista to endorse the look, especially in the cold. After all, how difficult could it be to put together a hoodie, an oversized sweater, a muffler and some mitts…no biggie, agree?

Untitled 3



  1. Identify your style:

a)    Chic: Warm pullover with fitted waist length jacket, pencil skirt, long boots, scarf (or muffler if it’s that cold)

b)   Casual& Comfy: Hoodies, muffler, denims, sneakers

2. Identify your color:

a)    Winter colors: Black, grey, blue & brown

b)   To add some zing: Red, Indigo Blue, Emerald green

That’s that. Identify what fashion space you truly rule and you’re ready to brave the chill in the air with some oomph and élan.





Caribbean – Keep calm and sip on the rum


With over 700 islands to choose from, the Caribbean is a dream holiday destination for beach lovers.  My fun friend Radhika, who is a travel consultant herself, shares some trivia about this spectacular holiday spot.

So, let’s hear it from her:


Few of the most popular destinations to visit include the Bahamas, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Here’s why you should plan your next vacation to the Caribbean :

1) All inclusive vacation
: The greatest reason why you should plan a trip to the Caribbean is because of all-inclusive vacations. Vacationing along the beach is like heaven on earth, plus when you have food, drinks, entertainment included.  Pretty amazing, huh?


2) The Beauty: 
The beauty of the Caribbean islands is another reason why you should vacation there. It is a beauty that is undeniable.  It gets even better when combined with the climate. Tropical weather all year round is a dream come true for Canadians / travellers.

Some Must-do things in Caribbean:

1) Try the local food: 
Caribbean food is a mixture of various flavors and each island has their own little touches, that makes it something really different overall.



2) Snorkeling: 
A snorkel trip is the best way to see the wonders of underwater life in the Caribbean. The colorful coral and marine life is not to be missed.


3) Scuba Diving
: You can find some amazing diving spots in the Caribbean. With nice exotic marine life, the crystal clear waters attract divers from all over the world, regardless of their skill level.

3) Traditional plantation: 
No trip to the Caribbean is complete without a visit to a traditional plantation house.
 Sugar is one of the most famous crops in the Caribbean, although other crops such as coffee and rice are also grown.

4) Take a Sunset Cruise: 
Cruising the Caribbean at sunset is one of the best things that you can do while on your vacation. Everything about it is what you come to the Caribbean for – beauty, romance, weather, relaxation, and open skies and seas.


Some dos and don’ts in the Caribbean:

1) Don’t leave valuables in your rental car, room or anywhere on the beach unattended. Carry them with you.

2) Don’t spend your last dollar before you reach the airport to return home as in some islands you would have to pay a departure taxes before you can even check in for your flight.  Up to $40 in cash per person.  It’s not fun to ask / beg anyone for cash or even pay a fee at the ATM.

3) Do pack sunscreen. This is the first thing you should pack when going to the Caribbean.  Skin cancer is one thing you don’t want.  You can easily get tan/ sunburn in less than an hour there. So, I suggest never leave your skin unprotected.

4) Don’t wear camouflage clothing
. Some of the Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Jamaica, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia has it banned camouflage clothing as it is only for the military group.  You could be fined for disrespecting the rule.

5) Do go sightseeing
. Caribbean has lots of rich cultures to offer that you won’t find inside the resort, you need to go out and explore the town and meet new people, have street food and Off course DRINK.

6) Do Bargain.  No need to be shy about it you always have to haggle with beach merchants and in local market.  Prices are always set 20% higher than vendors expected to receive.


How Social Media Has Helped and Hindered Travel

Please allow me to introduce to you my new friend, a talented public speaker, an avid traveller, a social media enthusiast, managing director of nine9nine (a start-up digital agency), advisor to Global Entrepreneurship Week Thailand and blogger Mr. Scott Eddy.


A Jamaican-Lebanese-American raised in Miami, lived in Bangkok-Barcelona-London-Manila-Sri Lanka for 14 years, Scott is an ardent traveller who is passionate about social media. And it’s amazing how he co-related the two. I knew I had to share it the moment I read it. 

So here goes what Mr.Scott Eddy has to say:

‘Social media and seeing the world are two of my biggest passions in life. Being so deeply invested in both, it’s a real thrill to watch how both concepts continue to revolutionize and feed off of each other. But, having done business for so long and also being a stark realist, I’m fully aware there’s always a price to progress. So I have to ask: in the same way social media is adding to the art of wanderlust, could it also be taking away from it?
It’s important to first realize how dramatically the landscape has changed. These days, the majority of travelers use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to plan and inspire their getaways. In the U.S., social media generates $102.9 billion dollarsannually in domestic tourism alone. That makes travel bloggers and platforms likeTripAdvisor really important. They give people the license to dream big, because now creating any adventure just takes the click of a button. But as travel has become so easy to manage and accessible, perhaps it’s also becoming less magical.
The Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published an article last September that puts it all into perspective. Titled, “How social media has ruined backpacking through Europe”, the author talks about how technology can distract and subtract from an epic journey. On his most recent backpacking trek, he realizes:

“Young people were so directly connected to home that they were hardly away in any meaningful sense. The lack of connections we made with locals in any country no matter how much we tried. Instead of making us feel closer to a place … hostelling actually made us more insular, being with like-minded people became too comfortable.”

Now, I’m not sure I agree that that social media is totally to blame as the article’s title suggests. Globalization is also a big factor, considering traveling between continents and oceans isn’t as big a deal as it what 30 years ago. But that being said, I can still definitely see the author’s point. Creating a balance between social media and travel is something that I myself am constantly challenged with. The two may be inextricably linked, but I never want to miss a real moment or any of the magic, just because I was too busy playing on my smartphone.
Therefore, I think technology has to always be taken with a grain of salt. Websites like Airbnb, Couchsurfing and Hipmunk can be incredibly useful, improving the quality and cost of travel immensely. Meanwhile Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it easy to keep those memories alive. But handling the technology, and making sure it only enhances the experience and doesn’t overtake it, is ultimately always up to the user a.k.a. you.

From all my travels around the world, I’ve realized there’s beauty out there everywhere. Let technology capture those moments, but never distract from them.’


PS: I’m really thankful to Scott for being so cool about re-posting his blog.

An island paradise called Koh Samui

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand is a tiny dash of green called Koh Samui. Descend on the dash and you’ll see more that’ll pique your interest. Abundance of lush green fauna, limestone cliffs, sun kissed beaches, emerald blue waters, shanty BBs, exotic resorts, spa havens and food galore.


What makes Koh Samui different from its more popular and hip-hop counterpart, Phuket, is that the former is quieter in a more surreal way and more heavy duty on breathtaking nature. But don’t get me wrong though. That definitely does not imply that Koh Samui is not for the party people.  With 3 am parties on the yachts and Singha beer-bucket-bearing tourists strolling down the beach, Samui can totally be party-goers’ paradise.

That’s the thing about Samui. It need not be a couples-only den or adults-only clubhouse or a kids-only Disneyland…it’s for one and all.

 Samui has so much to offer that we decided to split our stay in 2 parts of the island. While we dedicated the first part of our stay to activities and adventures….the latter part focused more on soaking in the nature.


For the first half, we stayed at the Hansar Samui Hotel, which was right by the busy and bustling Bhoput Beach. Strewn with a plethora of eating joints, grills & bars, souvenir shops and even yacht parties this beach is quite the happening place. Whether or not you’re staying at the Bhoput Beach, this place is not to be missed for some authentic Samui fun. Also, this is where I first experienced the traditional Thai custom of releasing the Sky lantern – a ritual that brings in good luck and fulfilled wishes. Quite an ethereal site it was.


While at the Bhoput beach, we went on the Zipping ride on Samui’s longest zipline across forests and valleys that overlooked the vast oceans and a hidden waterfall. I’m quite an adrenaline junkie and if you’re anything like me, I’d totally recommend this, as it’s quite the adventure to dive from a treetop platform into the valley and zip onto the next. In fact, the drive up the valley itself is no less than a 4X4 off-road adventure.


We also used up our stay at Bhoput to make a day long trip to the islands for a shot at Kayaking in the pristine blue waters, snorkeling in the middle of absolutely nowhere and sailing through the Ang Thong National Park – a phenomenal archipelago of 42 lush green islands, like specks on the blue waters. The nexus of white speedboats and yachts that sail within the Park at all times of the day, add the sporadic drops of white to the perfect palette of breathtaking Marine colors.

Ang Thong

In the next leg of our journey, we stayed at the Sala Beach Resort, one of the most exotic resorts I’ve stayed at. Flanked by the flora and fauna typical to Samui this resort offered all the luxury and rejuvenation people travel to Thailand for. Pool Villas, unlimited beach fun, exotic spas and a droolworthy, slurpworthy spread of World cuisine…I hardly got out of the resort once I stepped into it


However, after a day full of dipping in the pool, waddling by the beach, sipping on Pina Coladas out of coconuts and binging on sinful indulgences…. there’s only so much you can push the lazy bone in your body. So, on a couple of evenings I jaunted out to the Chaweng Beach also known as the heart of the Koh Samui. Uptown Chaweng is where the shopping is (especially if you’re looking for imitations of Louis Vuittons & Burberrys…and while I don’t endorse them but trust me, you wouldn’t know the difference) and where the wee morning parties thrive.


Koh Samui has all the ingredients for a perfect beach holiday. And you know it starting the moment you land at the Koh Samui Airport – a simple one with colorful open train-like buses to take you from where the plane is parked to the conveyor belts, cabana beach-house like structures (that are actually airport offices), colorful flora lined paths to the gates, open-air shops and children’s play area.


If you’re looking to unwind and let down your hair for some good quality time-out from your routine….the paradise of Koh Samui is your answer.


….To the land of Salsas & Sombreros

Like I mentioned in the ‘Deals of the Fortnight -2’, Mexico’s a great place to visit anytime before 15th December, 2014 without burning a hole in your pockets because of the awesome hotel deals that are about to start soon..

So, I got my beautiful friend Clarion Alano to share some snippets from her recent voyage or viaje  (as the Mexicans would say) . And after reading this, while I know where my next vacation will be,  I bet the lucid and wonderful account shared by her would tickle your travel bone too…to hop on the next flight to Mexico.



Living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada this year, we had some days where it would be -40° Celsius. Envying all those snowbirds getting out of the Canadian cold, I longed to be somewhere warm and where I can relax on a beautiful beach with a little umbrella in my drink. I wanted great food, cold drinks, and adventure, all on a minimal budget. After doing some research and looking at my spending limits, I decided on Cancun.

Cancun is one of the top destinations for tourists heading south in search of sun and sand. From its rich history and Mayan culture to the warm clear turquoise colored water of the Caribbean, I’m here to tell you about the best that the Quintana Roo region has to offer.

Starting our vacation with a bus trip (73 cents USD) around downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone was the best way to see the city. Going down Boulevard Kukulkan you see enormous hotels, spectacular restaurants, cantinas, and shopping centers that rival the Las Vegas’ strip. Towards the end of the Hotel Zone there is a long strip of public beach called Playa Delfines. I loved this beach and it’s impressive view from the top of the turquoise water. Taking the steps down, it’s recommended that you take your slippers off to touch the soft sand with your feet before you set your beach towel down under a “palapa”. Here you’ll only see locals. You can finally breathe and enjoy the sound of the waves breaking, people laughing, and cerveza cans being popped open. Hours pass by quickly without anyone noticing.


 Isla Mujeres

 Isla Mujeres or the Island of Women was our first major trip outside Cancun. This little island was the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. Grab some sunscreen and wear a bathing suit for some fun in the sun. The ticket for the ferry cost $10 USD from Puerto Juarez (hotel zone rates were twice as expensive) but it’s well worth the trip there. The ferry ride over is only 15 minutes long and you can see the colors changing from deep blue to turquoise with the sun shinning and the wind in your hair.

Once on the island we rented a golf cart to take around the island for some incredible views. Even seeing one Mayan ruin towards the end of our tour of the island.



We picked an ocean side restaurant (Phoenix) with cabanas available to relax in with live music going on. After ordering a couple of special made margaritas and some green ceviche we were ready for a dip in the inviting water.



Ready to swim, we put our snorkel gear on and went out to a calm area of the ocean with tons of fish to see. We spent hours seeing tropical fish of all sorts, sizes and colors. It was a fest for the eyes.

What’s a vacation without delicious food? My life is built around delicious food. Our host followed his nose to a local barbeque joint, literally. You can smell that barbeque from miles away! We ordered ½ a chicken and sat down to rest our sand encrusted feet. The owner offered us some wonderful all natural guava juice. I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing this guava juice is. We all gulped down cold juice feeling refreshed and ready to eat. The waiter brought out the chicken with individual plates filled with coleslaw, beans, red rice, and freshly made soft corn tortillas. Not to forget the habanero salsa that is so spicy but oh, so addicting.

 Puerto Morelos

 To hit our next destination we headed 30 minutes south to a small fishing village called Puerto Morelos. We parked right next to Unico beach that had sand soft as cake flour, by far the best coral sand I’ve ever had the pleasure to walk on. We stopped for a while to savor the view of little drifting clouds in the blue skies, ever changing hues of light blue water with the coral in the background and the cool breeze blowing through. We enjoyed a drink or two at the beachside bar before setting out for a swim.



Without a boat to bring us directly to the coral reefs, we made do with snorkeling out to the ocean, hoping to find spot reefs. With buoys all around the spot reefs we set out on our oceanic adventure. Five minutes in we spotted a school Barracudas 2 feet long not too far away from us. Let me be the first one to tell you how intimidating these creatures are. They stare at you and don’t move an inch. Without tarrying too much, we all swam along to find more to see. Deep into the ocean our host took us to an ocean cenote’. A cenote’ is a fresh water spring sinkhole. When you pass over it, all of a sudden the water becomes cold and oily looking because of the mixture of fresh and salt water. We weren’t brave enough to dive down because our snorkeling skills were mediocre at best, our host Henry dove down and flushed out a plethora of fish that are were chilling out in the cool water in and around the cenote. Definitely a sight worth remembering.

Around the spot reefs are all sorts of coral growing and different colored fish hanging around them. All throughout the ocean you can hear some sort of clicking noise. Apparently more fish and other creatures calling that coral home; and more inhabitants mean more noise. The nosier it is the healthier the reefs!

We head back to shore to enjoy some freshly spear caught fish from a local restaurant. The fish was fried and came with all the fixings and of course, some local cerveza. A siesta was defiantly needed after eating so much fish. By the time I woke up to take one final walk on the pristine white sand beach, the sun was setting on another perfect day.


 This is not your average theme park. Xplor is an all-inclusive adventure park with four activities: zip-lines, amphibious cars, cave river swim, and cave river rafting. They provide lunch, snacks along with all the safety equipment needed for the riskier activities.

Zip lining through the tops of the jungle and through multiple waterfalls for miles, you don’t even notice the time or how hot it is since you are going through so much water. The two course amphibious car rides are like family friendly 4 x 4 open top Jeeps going through caves and rough terrain.



was well worth the chill of the water. You’ll see Stalactites (and Stalagmites) of all shapes and sizes throughout the cave. Every little section is different. Your eyes become overwhelmed with the amount of stalactites forming.  Throughout the caves reside small fish and bats that fly around and huddle together for warmth.

With the amount of running around and calories lost we were glad the snack bars were located in the middle of the park. Fresh juices/smoothies and cookies are offered to give you more energy. Lets just say I took advantage of the guava mango smoothies Xplor offered. After an adventurous day at Xplor the whole group took a much-needed nap on the way back to the hotel.

 A touch of Mayan Culture

 Even though the Mayan’s are no longer an empire, you can still see the Mayan ruins all along the eastern coast of Mexico. Mayan ruins are seen throughout Cancun to Honduras. The world famous Chichen Itza ruin is still the number one tourist attraction near Cancun. Most ruin sites have ceased hiking to the top of the ruins as of 2014. These ruins though are still a must see during a visit to Quintana Roo.

Mayan cuisine is served at local and tourist restaurants. The cuisine is very tasty and different from the Mexico City type of food.  At Mercado 23 and 28 in Cancun, you can also buy your own piece of the Mayan culture. The Mayan calendar, wood carved sculptures, leather goods, stone arrows, painted clay pieces, and many more are made and sold by locals keeping the memory of the Mayan’s alive.


Traveling without any plans gives you the freedom to explore without being tied down. Unexpected events occur and those are the best experiences. Cancun and the entire Quintana Roo region offered the best of both worlds: relaxation and adventure with beauty and culture alongside it. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.

Deals of the Fortnight – 2


It’s that time of the month again when ‘Just Around the Globe’ tells you of deals and discounts so that you can plan the best vacation at the least possible expense.

So here goes:

1)   Book your hotels in Europe for August- September: Though early to mid-summers is the best time to visit Europe, the hotels are extremely expensive as it’s the peak season. Try visiting in the late summers as that would entail deals and free nights. It could be a little more humid but what you save on the hotels would totally be worth it.


2)   Plan a trip to Mexico anytime before December: Due to lack of enough holiday season rush the resorts in Mexico offer a lot of 3 nights 4 days offers or complimentary nights. Book now to avail the maximum discounts.


3)    Whisk away to Quebec: With 3 Star hotels starting at CAD$ 89, a weekend getaway to Quebec is a fantastic idea. Courtesy:


 Happy travelling guyz!!!!!